Caesars Rewards UK



Caesars Entertainment UK is the first UK gambling company to have its responsible gambling policy accredited by an independent expert panel of assessors.

We have won the right to display a coveted ‘Playing Safe’ seal on all our premises.

ACE is a high powered accreditation, evaluation and certification scheme introduced by the National Casino Forum as part of the industry-leading Playing Safe initiative.

The ACE panel, whose members have unparalleled experience of the gambling industry both from a regulatory and an academic perspective, examined our procedures and interviewed staff at all levels to ensure that what was said in the board room was being delivered to customers in the casino.

Measuring us against seven core principles for responsible gambling policy endorsed by the Playing Safe Forum, the ACE panel highlighted the strong culture of social responsibility that permeates Caesars Entertainment UK.

‘We were given access to all the company’s policies and the training regime,’ said ACE Panel chair Professor Yvonne Guerrier. ‘We saw the people who we believed to be pivotal in delivering gambling responsibly, including the marketing and HR directors and numerous people of various grades and job descriptions delivering front line services in three casinos.

‘We were impressed with what we found at Caesars. The commitment and knowledge base of the staff was of a high standard. We made some recommendations for improvements but overall it was very good and we were confident in awarding the accreditation.’

We work hard at offering gambling responsibly and are proud and delighted to have received this prestigious accreditation.