Caesars Rewards UK


Caesars Rewards | COVID-19 FAQs

While some of our casinos are temporarily closed and others operating at limited capacities and opening hours, we have put together a list of FAQs relating to the Caesars Rewards loyalty programme.

Reward Credits earned prior to lockdown will not have expired while our venues were closed. These will be available in your account for an additional 90 days after reopening.

Any offers that had an expiry date more recent than 17 March 2020 will be valid for 30 days from the date of reopening.

If the offer is still valid we will be able to find your offer on your customer online account but please speak to reception on your visit so they can arrange redemption.

We have reduced the Tier Credits thresholds to compensate for the time that our casinos have been closed. They have been adjusted as follows:

Platinum: Now 10,000 Tier Credits (was 15,000 Tier Credits)

Diamond: Now 20,000 Tier Credits (was 30,000 Tier Credits)

Yes, bonus Reward Credits will be available for customer surveys but only one bonus award is permissible per month.

During busy times, we will have a Diamond and Platinum Priority Lane if there are queues. We will also have a waiting area set up in Reception.