Caesars Rewards UK


Spending Or Earning in the US

We are part of the Caesars Entertainment family, the world's biggest casino group, which means you can use your Reward Credits in Las Vegas and throughout the USA.

By converting your UK Reward Credits to US Reward Credits, you can use them on everything that Caesars properties offer, from accommodation to entertainment.

So, however you choose to spend your Reward Credits, let us help you have the time of your life!

When you earn US Reward Credits on your visit, any unused points can be transferred back to your UK account. However, US Tier Credits cannot be transferred and these remain on your US account.


You will need to sign up for a Caesars Rewards US card - click here to do this. (Caesars Rewards UK cards are not recognised by the US card platform).

It is not compulsory but we advise that you use the same email address on your UK account. This helps future verification when you want to transfer Reward Credits or Tier Match your status.

If the US website does not recognise your post code, please use the first part of the post code only e.g. G10 or WC1V.

To complete a Caesars Rewards card Tier Match or Points Transfer please press the red button below. You will be directed to your US account so please have your US account login details to hand.


Both the UK and US casinos recognise the highest tier of loyalty card that you carry and will tier match accordingly.

Loyalty card tier matching is only available to Platinum and Diamond card holders. Seven Stars card holders should contact their host. Gold card holders will automatically have Gold status in the US so Tier Matching is not required.

To tier match your UK card, click the red button below. Please note: Your mailing address and email address must be identical on both accounts to successfully match your card status.

To tier match your US card, please bring it to one of our Caesars Rewards UK casinos and we will gladly match your US card tier.


Points transfers are completed at an exchange rate of 1 UK Reward Credit = 2 US Reward Credits.


Please be aware that opening this link will redirect you to the US Caesars Rewards site to complete your Caesars Rewards Card Tier Match or Points Transfer.

For help with Points Transfers or Tier Matching, please contact