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Playing Safe

Keeping gambling fun and safe

More than 70 per cent of adults in the UK enjoy some form of gambling. For the overwhelming majority it's an exciting and pleasurable pastime - and that’s the way Caesars Entertainment UK wants to keep it.

For some people, however, gambling can present problems. So, one of our most important charitable relationships is with GamCare, the leading provider of information, advice, support, and free counselling for the prevention and treatment of problem gambling.

As part of our continuing commitment to being a leader in social responsibility in gambling, Caesars also subjects the company to accreditation inspections by GamCare.

Leading the way in player protection

Playing Safe is the cornerstone of the National Casino Forum’s commitment to responsible gambling and improved player protection. The initiative comprises a set of industry-agreed principles, underpinned by a mechanism to ensure they are applied.

Playing Safe expresses our industry’s commitment to doing more than the minimum required by law to promote responsible gambling and we are proud to have been at the forefront of its development.

A key plank of the programme is a powerful new national self-exclusion system called SENSE (Self-Enrolment National Self-Exclusion).

This is the first time that non-state-owned casino operators anywhere in the world have come together to support people who recognise they have a problem with their gambling and want to exclude themselves from casinos.

Until now, voluntary self-exclusion has been company-based: players can ask an individual operator to refuse their custom.

But SENSE takes voluntary self-exclusion one step further. The secure web-based system enables players to exclude themselves from all land-based casinos in the UK.

The SENSE system will circulate photographs and biographical information, as well as interface with companies’ loyalty cards, vouchers and other marketing tools, to identify self-excluders attempting to breach their agreement.


We are committed to training our staff to look for problems and to encourage people who may have a problem to seek help. We provide leaflets and display notices prominently in all of our UK casinos to encourage responsible gambling. For more information about what we do please call Caesars Social Responsibility Manager on 0207 518 0059.

If you have difficulty controlling your gambling, or someone close to you has a problem, you can get confidential one-to-one advice by calling the GamCare Helpline free on 0808 8020 133 (24 hours a day, seven days a week).


How it works

One way of helping to control a gambling problem is by keeping away from gambling premises. Like many other gambling companies, Caesars operates a voluntary self-exclusion scheme (VSE) intended to help individuals who believe they have difficulty in gambling responsibly and for whom gambling has become a problem.

We won’t enrol you on the VSE scheme if you are simply unhappy with some aspect of our service, have been unlucky or have some other complaint - we have other mechanisms to deal with those issues.

By joining the VSE you are admitting you have a problem controlling your gambling.


The UK land-based casino industry is at the forefront of raising public awareness around responsible gambling in the UK. The majority of people gamble responsibly but the casino industry recognises its responsibility to help minimise harm from problem gambling and is constantly looking for ways to help those that are most vulnerable.

As part of this strategy the Self-Enrolment National Self-Exclusion scheme - SENSE - was launched in August 2015 by the National Casino Forum (NCF) in all land-based casinos across the UK.

The SENSE scheme enables customers to voluntarily self-exclude from all casinos and is mandatory for all operators. Enrolling in SENSE means that customers will be sharing their request to self-exclude with all land-based casinos in the UK for a minimum period of six months.

The system is designed to be simple and straightforward to use: a casino Manager will read out the terms and conditions of SENSE and then ask the customer to electronically sign the enrolment form. The Manager will also take a photo of the customer and upload this along with their enrolment form on to the secure SENSE system.

Customers can also download the SENSE information and self-exclusion form but cannot enroll themselves electronically. They can download the form, fill it in, include additional information such as proof of identity and a photograph, then post it to any casino. Customers can also enroll via a specialist addiction treatment centre.

The primary responsibility for compliance with a SENSE agreement rests with the customer. Caesars has stopped accepting applicants into our previous standalone VSE scheme (although it is still ongoing) and we will now only allow VSE using the SENSE scheme. However, if a customer refuses to enrol in the SENSE scheme against the advice of one of our Managers, we will consider barring the customer if we feel they should not be gambling in our premises. This barring will not be shared with other casino customers and may be permanent.

Consequences of VSE

It is important to understand that entering into SENSE has some consequences - like not being able to enter the premises even if you only want to use the bars or restaurants with friends - and that the scheme should not be used to help you manage a budget: do that by personally restricting your visits, your level of spend, or your facilities at our casino Cashdesks.

SENSE is applicable throughout UK and it remains in place until affirmative action is taken by you to ask for removal from SENSE. This does not automatically reinstate you to full access to Caesars’ facilities and you will still have to speak to a Manager if you want to enter, even if other casino companies allow you to play in their premises.

Re-entry to the casinos

Managers will not consider reinstatement until at least six months have passed since you enrolled in SENSE and you may be required to wait 24 hours before entry is allowed after the self-imposed exclusion period has elapsed and only then if you are able to confirm to our management that you have properly considered your decision to access our facilities again.


We try to make it as easy as possible for you to enrol in SENSE and will always listen carefully and sympathetically to any problem you may have with your gambling at Caesars or elsewhere.

You can join SENSE:

  • In person
  • By letter
  • By email
  • By telephone
  • Third party requests

In person

Most people decide they want to enrol in the SENSE scheme while actually on casino premises. The scheme will be explained to you and you will be asked whether you understand it. This process may take a short while as the Manager must be sure that you are comfortable with your decision. If we don’t think you understand the scheme or if you give reasons for wanting to join the scheme which are inappropriate, we reserve the right not to accept you into the scheme.

If we accept your request, you will be asked to have your photograph taken and to sign an electronic enrolment form. Both signature and photograph are legal requirements for enrolment to the scheme.

By written communication

We are happy to accept written communications, letter or email, but we will have to contact you to obtain details and a photograph and your signature. You will be normally directed to the Playing Safe website in any event so it may be easier to go to the site directly and then contact us afterwards.

By a telephone call

The Company will accept a verbal VSE request and we will acknowledge any verbal request in writing but we will still need your signature and a photograph to confirm your request for enrolment. You will be normally directed to the Playing Safe website in any event so it may be easier to go to the site directly and then contact us afterwards.

Third party requests

Relatives or friends with bona fide concerns sometimes contact the company and claim that a friend or relative has problems with their gambling. These are difficult matters to deal with because of confidentiality and data protection issues, and, occasionally, such third party contacts can be mischievous or be based on motivations unconnected with a person’s gambling.

The Company will always treat such approaches sympathetically and on their individual merits. We will generally speak to the customer concerned to try, independently, to determine if the referral is genuine and whether a problem exists.

We are bound by the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and our obligation is to ensure the privacy of our customers, consequently we are unable give out information about customers to third parties.

Breaching a VSE: the consequences

If you have entered the Caesars’ VSE scheme before 3 August 2015 or have enrolled in SENSE since that date and subsequently gain entry to one of Caesars UK properties, we will ask you to leave and you may be escorted off site.

To discourage breaches of the VSE scheme, we will not return any gambling losses, stakes or winnings, as defined in the SENSE terms and conditions, a previous VSE agreement, or the Rules of the Casino. If you persistently contravene any of our rules, including breaching SENSE or a VSE, it may lead to a barring being issued.